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Simply Music | Percussion Performance / Interactive Technology Workshops

European Award Winner

Simply Music delivers European Award Winning music workshops. These workshops combine InteractiveTechnology and Live Music Performance with percussion through a fun-filled and engaging process.

In November 2011 Simply Music received a 'Highly Commended' European Award for its use of Technology in Education as part of the MEDEA Awards Ceremony, which took place during the Media & Learning Conference 2011 in Brussels.

This European competition rewards excellence and creativity in media in education and this year the competition attracted 115 entries from 28 countries:

The Simply Music programme has been delivered extensively over the last 15 years as an arts-in-education initiative within mainstream education. 

We cater for all school communities and have a wide ranging experience in providing workshops as part of School Completion Programmes and for those operating within disadvantaged areas.  The learning outcomes are determined in advance with the internal school management to suit the needs of those participating in the programme.

The workshop content is based on the three strands (listening, performing and composing) of the Primary Curriculum for Music and enhances learning through interaction and engagement and culminates in a live performance for the wider school community.

Paul Maher - Director

Paul Maher  is a  Professional Percussionist / Digital Media Designer. After many years performing live music workshops in the school environment Paul embarked upon a journey into the use of technology to support learning in music education. This led him to develop software “Combining Music and Interactive Technology” for teachers, pupils and arts organisations.

Paul is a professional orchestral percussionist with over 30 years experience in the classical music industry including 13 years as Sub-principal Percussionist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland.

Paul has a First Class Honours Masters - M.Sc. in Education and Training Management (e-learning).

Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education
Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education
Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education

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In Conclusion
Simply Music believes that this innovative workshop incorporating technology with performance and designed to support the primary music curriculum provides an excellent opportunity to enhance music education for the children of Ireland.  Our programme is both socially and geographically inclusive and does not rely on a previous level of musical knowledge in order to achieve the fullest engagement within the workshop process.  We operate in a fun-filled and enticing manner which involves the entire school community.  We bring the music to you so that you can continue to enhance the audiences and performers of the future.
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