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iClass Sounds:

Simply Music's iClass Sounds are Interactive Composition / Song-writing /Performance Workshop for students from 11-17 year using musical instruments and iPad's.
Using a complement of 15 individual iPad's, midi keyboards, electric guitars, bass guitars,
mics, JamHubs, recording equipment and music software, we take advantage of modern technology to engage your students in live music composition and performance, through a blend of individualised and collective learning in a fun environment.
The programme is designed to respond to young people’s familiarity with technology and enhance their creative development and musical exploration.

iPad Workshops:

Music Generation South Dublin & Simply Music: https://youtu.be/rzdNMl9hOfI

Music Generation Wicklow & Simply Music: https://youtu.be/g9WjlEhaHPY

Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan, Co. Dublin - Transition year students (3-day programme): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202225378228879

Lucan Community College, Co. Dublin (1-day programme split into three separate workshops: 45 students per day): https://youtu.be/boLlaXfAcSk

Deansrath Community College, Co. Dublin: Transition year students - 1 day programme:

Students - Singers 01: http://youtu.be/E_1dNqXxxPA

Students - Singers 02: http://youtu.be/vMjI14jAz9U

Guitarists: http://youtu.be/F5bbQTMl37w

Teachers: http://youtu.be/FQZOEaZ4umc

Firhouse Community College, Co. Dublin: Transition year students - 1 day programme:


How is the Programme delivered?
We bring the technology & the musicians to you. Workshops are facilitated by one/two
professional musicians who arrive with our JamHub ‘silent rehearsal studios’ so you don’t have to worry about the workshop interfering with other classes in the school.

We believe in developing the student as fully as possible during our sessions to give individual attention to each student, so we work with small numbers to deliver and unrivalled and memorable
experience for those who participate in the programme.

iClass Sounds is designed for 30 students working in groups of 15 students per session. We deliver 2-3 sessions across the school day. The programme is delivered over a period of 1, 2, or 3 consecutive days or weeks with the same students returning each day/week, allowing learning to take place between sessions and developing greater composition and
performance outcomes.

What do your students get from our workshops?

- An understanding of new and emerging music technology software
- Engagement with professional musicians
- Participation in an engaging composition-based workshop
- Participation and collective music-making
- Understanding technologies associated with music recording and production
- Social engagement and participative learning through music
- Fun and enjoyment

Primary Schools (Junior Infants - 6th class):

Simply Music has designed a series of workshops within each school, which incorporates a professional musician working within the school context alongside the workshop groups.

Simply Music delivers workshop sessions, to suit the school timetable, with numerous class groups (junior infants to 6th class). Each of these workshops brings together elements of curriculum music alongside musical performance. The entire initiative culminates in a live performance by the students when required.


Photo Gallery:

Secondary Schools:

Primary Schools:

Workshops for Arts Organisations and Others
Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education

Workshops can be tailored to suit your organisations requirements whether in the Ireland or in the UK. We will work with you to plan a series of workshops or a single work as required. Contact Us for further information.

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Teacher Training Initiatives
Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education

Simply Music has also delivered in-service, professional development training for the Department of Education and Skills. These workshops were held between 2007-2012 in the National Concert Hall.

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About Our Primary School Workshops
Simply Music | Combining Music and Interactive Technology | Education

The workshops are developed in line with the stages of cognitive development of children within the primary curriculum. They are broken into the learning stages outlined in the primary music curriculum. The cognitive content, both in terms of the performance aspects of the workshop and the level of interactivity is suited to the abilities of the relevant age group.
The workshops use a combination of technology and performance with a range of percussion instrumentation (including Boomwhackers, on and off screen) and also development of vocal and rhythmic development elements (action songs etc.)
Within the sessions Simply Music introduces different forms of musical notation and rhythmic structures as per the music curriculum and which again are suited to the specific age range of those participating in the workshop.
The workshop uses technology to allow the participants to gain confidence in their performance and to learn how to hold and play each instrument correctly. They learn to work independently with their instrument and are supported by the technology, which plays their melodic or rhythmic line in the background and maintains continuity in the performance.
The musicians work with the students to develop their confidence and skills and each child retains through rote a series of rhythmic / melodic patterns which in turn develop into a musical piece which is performed live within the school on the final day of the workshop. The musicians continue to support and create innovative material as the workshop progresses and encourage musical innovation from the children to be incorporated into the final performance

The outcomes of the workshop provide the students with an increased knowledge of percussion instrumentation, rhythmic and vocal development and musical experience through participation in live performance with teachers and other class groups.

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In August 2012, Paul Maher, Director - Simply Music, completed the National Youth Council of Ireland's Child Protection Awareness Programme - Session 1 & 2 (4 hours) as part of Simply Music's inclusion on Dublin City Council's Artists Panel 2012:

Simply Music has Public Liability Insurance, Child Protection Policies and Garda Vetting in place for all its programmes.
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