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Lesson: Re-create Ravel's Bolero using GarageBand and a standard qwerty keyboard!

Resource: Benjamin Zander - Leadership, Creativity and Team Building Expert

Resource: Evelyn Glennie - Musician and Educator

Boomwhackers and Percussion Instruments

We’ve chosen just a few websites below to save you having to search for what you need.

Boomwhacker sets

Boomwhackers BW Set 03 in Concert Set

Thomann: (€98 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

28 Tubes

1 Set (8 pcs) Octavator Caps (The Caps lower the tone of the Boomwhackers Tubes by an octave.)

MW-MG bag included

Set includes following Boomwhackers tubes:

4 Tubes C’

3 Tubes D’

4 Tubes E’

3 Tubes F’

5 Tubes G’

3 Tubes A’

2 Tubes B’

4 Tubes C”

Boomwhacker scale

Boomwhackers BW-DG Diatonic Set

Thomann: (€22.50 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

Diatonic Scale Set

Tuned percussion tubes

Comprises C’-D’-E’-F’-G’-A’-B’-C”

Material: robust, fully coloured plastic

Suitable for children

Tubes not for sale individually

Boomwhacker sets

Boomwhackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set

Thomann: (€95 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

28 Tubes: 3x C’, 1x C#’, 3x D’, 1x D#’, 3x E’, 2x F’, 2x F#’, 3x G’, 1x G#’, 3x A’, 2x A#’, 2x B’, 2x C”

2 Sets (16 pcs total) Octavator Caps (The Caps lower the tone of the Boomwhackers Tubes by an octave.)

Includes BW-MG bag – ideal for storing and transporting

Boomwhacker Octavator Caps

Boomwhackers OC-8G Octavator Caps

Thomann: (€11.80 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

Octavator Caps for Boomwhackers

(The Caps lower the tone of the Boomwhackers Tubes by an octave.)

Set of 8 pieces

Boomwhacker colours

Boomwhackers Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons

Thomann: (€11.80 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

Stickers for Boomwhackers

Suitable for: Keyboards, orff instruments, melodicas, xylophones, bells, chimes etc.

500 Stickers in Boomwhackers colours

300 Diatonic with letters

100 Diatonic without letters

75 Chromatic with letters

25 Chromatic without letters

Residue-free removable & reusable

Does not affect the sound

Boomwhacker bag

Boomwhackers MG-BW-Bag Move&Groove Bag

Thomann: (€11.70 + €15 shipping.) Free shipping over €199

Boomwhackers Bag

For up to 28 Boomwhackers tubes

Self-standing (even when only partially filled)

Percussion instruments for schools

Performance Percussion Key Stage 1 Percussion Set

Gear4music: €170.75 + delivery

PP World Percussion

The PP World Instrument range offer a fantastic selection of high quality, great value instruments to get students of all ages excited about making music. From traditional to multicultural instruments, PP World Instruments provide the opportunity for children to learn about music, different cultures and have fun.

Key Stage 2 Player Set Includes:

4 x (PP6004) PP Wooden Castanets

1 x (PP4006) PP Tambourine 6″ , 4prs Jingles

1 x (PP4005) PP Tambourine 8″ , 5prs Jingles

1 x (PP7011) PP Plastic Jingle Stick, Red

1 x (PP6003) PP Plastic Maracas, pair

1 x (PP7001) PP Plastic Sleigh Bells

1 x (PP3010) PP 2pc Agogo

1 x (PP3003) PP Toneblock and Beater

2 x (PP7005) PP 3 Bell Cluster Bells

1 x (PP7006) PP Stick Handbell with Handle

2 x (PP7007) PP Finger Cymbals ­ Pair

2 x (PP3006) PP Handle Castanets

2 x (PP2008) PP 13cm Triangle

2 x (PP2009) PP 15cm Triangle

1 x (PP3016) PP Wood Block and Beater

1 x (ARX8M) Angel 8 Note Chime Bar Set

3 Pairs x (GBP2) Angel Extra Chime Bar Beaters

1 x Plastic Storage Chest

Chime bars instruments for schools

Percussion Plus PP932 Chime Bars, Set of 8

Musicstore: €45.50 + shipping. Free shipping over €199

Fantastic quality chime bar set

Note range c52 to c64

Diatonic set

Great tone

Beaters included

Hand Percussion instruments for schools

Kids Hand Percussion


Everything from bells, blocks, cabasas, cowbells and maracas to shakers, tambourines and triangles.

Coloured Chime Bars

Chime Bars

Gear4music: €11.87 + delivery

Key Features:

Ideal for Schools, Music Groups and Home

Comes with a Pair of Beaters

Tuned C to C