Boomwhacker Play-along: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – (Queen)

A workshop programme which has been designed for participative music-making by older children using Boomwhackers.

This is a more challenging workshop programme, suitable for those who have already mastered the earlier Boomwhacker workshops in the series and are competent in moving beyond diatonic scales and playing in four parts simultaneously.

This song involves using all the notes in the scale of F Major plus an additional C′ and E♭

Full workshop programme video broken down into individual learning sessions and at practice and performance tempos:


  1. Queen Boomwhackers Rehearsal – Very Slow Tempo
  2. Queen Boomwhackers Rehearsal – Slow Tempo
  3. Queen Boomwhackers Rehearsal – Medium Tempo
  4. Queen Boomwhackers Rehearsal – Fast Tempo
  5. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now: Full performance


  • Details on how to teach the workshop programme
  • Number and range of Boomwhackers required for programme
  • Overview Video of all Chords involved.
  • Chapter Marker Times: Timestamps indicate where to jump to for key moments in your video
  • Descriptions on how to hold and play Boomwhackers for “Don’t Stop Me Now”
  • Additional PDF facilitator resource file: A-Z of Percussion Instruments

100.00 for 1 year