Workshop 01 - ‘Beat It’: Percussion & Technology Workshops (4-12 years)

European Award-Winning Percussion Performance Workshops for children and young people from 4+ years.

Our school-based workshop involves a professional musician working with participants in your location. Using a blend of music and technology students participate in live music-making and musical skills development through a play, practice, perform approach.

Sessions are designed to suit your school timetable, with different class groups participating at different times throughout the workshop day. 

The workshop culminates in a live performance by the students.

Workshop 02 - ‘Melody Maker’ iPad Workshops (8+ years)

An interactive and engaging composition, songwriting and performance workshop for young people from 8+ years. This workshop provides an opportunity for young people to unleash their creativity, grow confidence in performance skills and work together to create their own signature sound.

Designed to respond to young people’s familiarity with technology we use a blend of individual iPads, midi keyboards, electric guitars, bass guitars, microphones, JAM HUBS, recording equipment and music software. We bring the technology and musicians to you. Our workshops are facilitated by professional musicians who arrive with our ‘silent rehearsal studios’ to your location.


What do young people get from the programme?

Engagement with professional musicians

Participation in an engaging composition-based workshop

Participation in individual and collective music-making

Using technologies for music recording and production

Fun and enjoyment

Simply Music on Site - Live workshops

We deliver European Award-Winning Percussion Performance Workshops for children and young people from 4+ years.  Using technology as a learning tool, our workshops enhance the creativity of each participant as they engage and participate in a performance-based experience working with professional musicians.  

Workshops are delivered across educational and community settings enhancing learning for a range of cognitive styles and delivering memorable music-making experiences for all involved.  We come to you – bringing all that is required, for both workshop and performance, to your premises.

Primary School (Junior Infants - 6th class)

Simply Music has designed a series of workshops within each school, which incorporates a professional musician working within participants in your school.

We deliver our workshops to suit your school timetable, with numerous class groups each having their own workshop session during a workshop day. Each workshop reenforces elements of the primary curriculum music programme (musical notation and rhythmic structures) and combines them with musical performance by participants. They are broken into the learning stages with cognitive content, both in terms of the performance aspects of the workshop and the level of interactivity, suited to the abilities of the relevant age group.   In addition, the workshop can culminate in a combined live performance by the students if so desired by the school. The workshops combine technology and performance incorporating:

  • a range of percussion instrumentation
  • participation via Boomwhackers and screen presentation
  • vocal and rhythmic development via action song

Our musicians work with the students to develop their confidence and musicianship skills.  The workshop uses technology to allow participants to learn how to hold and play each instrument correctly and gain confidence in performance skills. The technology assists by playing their melodic or rhythmic line in the background, maintaining continuity in the performance and support for the individual participant. The musicians work with participants to create innovative content as the workshop progresses, encouraging musical innovation from the children which will be incorporated into the final performance. 

The outcomes of the workshop give students an increased knowledge of percussion instrumentation, rhythmic and vocal development and a memorable musical experience, through participation and performance with their peers, teachers and other class groups.

Children playing Boomwhackers